Pier & Beam Repair

Your house is balanced by the home’s footing that is supported by the pier. The only way that they will remain effective is that they remain balanced. The structure is actually held up by the beams and the piers. Atascocita Foundation Repair Experts has concrete contractors who will access any pier and beam issues from the crawl space. Unfortunately, since they are made of wood, they are prone to deterioration. What could begin to occur is that the soil under the home might begin to shift, creating a shallow footing. If you have a pier and beam problem then this is something that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Pier & Beam Related Issues

Soil that has shifted and a pier and beam that has started deteriorating are just a few of the common issues related to pier and beam problems. Our contractors are capable of effectively repairing any of these known issues. Knowing that our contractors work on these types of issues every day should give you the confidence to hire our foundation repair services to assist with any necessary repairs. Determining why you are having any type of issue with your pier and beam is easy for our concrete contractors, as they understand what causes this type of thing to occur. If you do not have the problem attended to then your home will eventually become uneven, thus creating other foundation issues. It could occur quickly or it could occur very gradually, over time.

Repairing The Home’s Pier & Beam

Again, when there are signs with a problem then the pier and beam should be repaired as quickly as possible. We wouldn’t have to remove the entire floor frame, only the part that is affected has to be replaced. It may look like an impossible thing to do but there is nothing too difficult for our talented team of professional concrete contractors. Our contractors have the necessary expertise needed to handle the job regardless of the extent of the problem, big or small. Repairing your pier and beam is a rather important issue and needs to be handled properly from the very start. We won’t just replace parts with other part that are also deteriorating but we replace them with new parts so that you can avoid any further problems. Redistributing the weight with other deteriorating parts could cause even further disturbance, which is why we avoid this at great cost. Call us today if you suspect an issue with your home’s foundation.

Why Hire Qualified Professionals

A qualified professional will be able to get to the bottom of the problem and let you know exactly what is needed to effectively assist with your problem, regardless of the extent of the problem. When you have an issue with your pier and beam, retaining wall , we have the tools and the talent needed to effectively assist with your service needs. Get what you are paying for by relying on a qualified professional.